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Yellow Cab, Pinellas County, Florida

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  1. I use taxi cabs in Saint Petersburg on regular basis, but my last experience with yellow cab was a nightmare and here is why...............
    I called for yellow and specifically asked for a driver not to blow the horn.
    5 minutes later there is a yellow cab in front of my house blazing the horn.
    I was already upset, but not ready to start argument I asked the driver politely " didn't you get message on the screen "please not to blow the horn""
    his answer was, "I didn't pay attention"
    So, at this moment I knew, it wasn't dispatcher/ operator fault that he didn't put information into system but it was driver fault.
    I said to myself. "ah well, one of these days", until driver start to drive like maniac trying to go in wrong direction than my destination........
    It was a round trip to convenience store worth about $6, for which I usually pay 10........
    After I grabbed my things, I asked him to drive me back home, again, he started to go in wrong direction
    After he pulled in front of my house, I paid him $7 on $6 fare and I tried to make a point, how dissatisfied I was with his service, because I usually pay 10 and I am cab driver myself with a lot of respect to fellow cab drivers as long as they know what they are doing and respect me.
    His answer was, "it is my very temporary job" to the sense I don't give a f$%^ and I am stupid for doing it for how long I have been doing it.
    I said to myself "yeah, right, here is another smart ass new cab drive who thinks he had everything figured out"
    I would make much of it, until I saw his cab driving off with middle finger sticking out out of window in front of my neighbors attending to their gardens
    Really? Yellow Cab you need to pay attention, who you hiring


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